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More than 25 percent of the world’s agricultural land is depleted and degraded, greatly impacting the world’s economy and ability to produce enough food for a growing population. Current agricultural practices are unable to keep pace with this problem, resulting in a need for sustainable solutions that can increase crop yields, utilize less water, and protect soil. 


By seeking to solve this and many other global challenges by utilizing naturally occurring microorganisms Acela Biotek, a microbial technology company, licensed LALITHA 21®, a technology developed at MSU, that creates a superior soil environment through a proprietary mixture of microorganisms.

At NEA biotek, by importing and distributing Acela Biotek's microbial product we are working on making this microbial technology more accessible in Europe to help you increase yields, save water, reduce chemical fertilizers and revitalize soil.

Discover with us LALITHA 21®, a scientifically formulated microbial soil inoculant.

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LALITHA 21® is an organic soil amendment that creates a superior soil environment through a proprietary mixture of microorganisms, ensuring sustainable agriculture with increasing yields without negative environmental impacts. This reduces the need for harmful chemicals in order to increase yields and at the same time it revitalizes soil to improve plant growth and ecosystem health.


LALITHA 21® can be applied across all crop types, soil conditions and climates due to its broad-spectrum specifications. 

LALITHA 21® contains naturally occurring beneficial microbes with absolutely no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). It is non-toxic and non-pathogenic. LALITHA 21® contains multiple strains of bacteria and trichoderma fungi that were carefully selected for their multi-functional properties.


“We applied LALITHA 21®to the fairway on #5, which was one of the more problematic holes for us in terms of retaining sufficient soil moisture. After 3 applications that were one month apart, we noticed a change in the moisture uniformity throughout the fairway. With the enhanced uniformity we were able to cut back on manual spot watering and the continual addition of overhead water on those hot spots. Then we took a thermal image of the course to show the plant transpiration based on adequate soil moisture content,  #5 fairway is at the top right of the image. Unlike the adjacent holes, #5 fairway shows uniform moisture retention, with no thermal hotspots. LALITHA 21®helped us achieve consistent playability on that fairway as well as reduced labor costs and water savings.”

— Ryan Cole, Monterey Peninsula Country Club
Pebble Beach, CA

LALITHA 21® was tested over 10 years, on over 100 crops. Want to know more about trial results performed with LALITHA 21®

LALITHA 21® helped many farmers reduce their costs and improve their profits. Want to see more growers testimonials? 

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