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LALITHA 21® is an organic microbial soil amendment that creates a superior soil environment through a proprietary mixture of microorganisms, ensuring sustainable agriculture with increasing yields without negative environmental impacts.

The beneficial microbes in LALITHA 21® help the plants access and digest nutrients that already exist in nature. Better nutrient uptake leads to healthier plants, faster growth & development, early maturity, longer productive life, and increased yields while reducing the need for chemical fertilizers & pesticides.


By boosting the soil humus level, the microbes in LALITHA 21® improve both nutrients and moisture retention in the soil, helping the plants to better cope with environmental stress. Soil moisture levels are elevated, reducing the need for irrigation in drought condition. Also, the plants show better freeze resistance in cold climates.


LALITHA 21® rebuilds the structure of poor soil and restores the fertility of depleted soil. Over time, soil that has been severely damaged through prolonged overuse of chemicals is restored to its natural healthy state.

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OMRI Certified & Approved in 46 US States

Non-GMO, Non-Toxic, Non-Pathogenic

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Developed at Michigan State University 

US Patent 8822190
US Patent 9615584


Multi-Functional Capacity & Benefits

LALITHA 21® consists of a synergistic consortium of 21 strains of naturally occurring and specifically selected soil microbes. The soil amendment is designed to be broad-spectrum so it can be applied across virtually all crop types, soil conditions and climates. LALITHA 21® is based on the technology that has been verified and proven in actual use for over 10 years to deliver such a broad range of results and benefits below:

Increases Nitrogen Availability & Fixation

naturally, without chemical fertilizers

Increases Aquaporin Capacity

thus increasing water retention

Inhibition of Plant Pathogens 

including Pathogenic Nematodes

Solubilization & Mobilization of Minerals:

phosphates, potassium & trace elements

Natural Production of Plant & Growth Hormones

phytohormone production & nodulation

Neutralize Soil Salinity

through sequestration of sodium & magnesium ions & subsequent leaching by irrigation

Enhances Natural Plant Defense Mechanisms

thus reducing need for chemical pesticides

Mitigates Chemical Toxicity

through alkali/acid production naturally

Improves Soil Aeration

fostering habitation of earthworms & other beneficial insects

Improves Soil Structure

leading to soil enrichment & enhanced nutrient uptake



The technology behind LALITHA 21® was invented and developed at Michigan State University by Dr. C. A. Reddy, an internationally recognized microbiologist and Dr. Lalithakumari Janarthanam, a distinguished microbiologist and plant pathologist. The technology has also gone through several proprietary enhancements and the improved version has shown to reduce fertilizer usage up to 90% and water usage by 70%, while increasing yields by 30%.

Product use


LALITHA 21® is designed to be broad-spectrum so it can be applied across all crop types, soil conditions and climates. LALITHA 21® can be used for seed treatment, growing seedlings, treating new plants as ones producing and during transplantation. 

Using LALITHA 21® for seed treatment will promote germination and increase the seedling survival rates. 

Transplantation can cause „stress“ and root damage in young seedlings as well as grown plants. In addition to providing a healthy soil environment for the transplants, LALITHA 21® will speed up the healing of damaged roots and boost the transplants’ natural immune system to help them cope with the transplantation stress.

The best time to apply LALITHA 21® is after rain, when there is plenty of moisture in the soil, which allows the microbes to penetrate to the root level. In drought conditions, you will need to use more water. It is recommended to apply LALITHA 21® early in the morning, in the evening, or on an overcast day. 


Trial results

For over 10 years, LALITHA 21® has been tested and proven in extensive studies and real-life applications in diverse geographic locations and soil conditions throughout the world.


LALITHA 21® is suitable for both high value crops, such as fruits, vegetables, medicinal plants and low value crops such as wheat, rice, corn, etc. 


Technology behind LALITHA 21® can help revitalize depleted soil and even begin converting deserts into agricultural land. With better quality soil, growers can reduce the reliance of harmful chemicals, while increasing yields and producing more nutritious and better tasting foods. In combination with the significant reduction of water use for farm irrigation, growers can improve their profits, while accelerating sustainability.

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